​​​​Family Constellations

In Family Constellation Work individuals act as representatives for each other’s family members, often across several generations. They engage in a series of intuited movements and sparse dialogue, resonating with the family dynamics across time. With deep reverence, losses are honored, broken bonds acknowledged, and a new, healing image emerges. This image frees up the family energy field, releasing the love and force for good that were there the whole time.



For a series of five videos on Family Constellation Work see:http://transgenerationalhealingfilms.com/

"I have been surprised and pleased by the power of the healing my wife and I have both experienced through Constellation work. It approaches personal healing from a direction that no other method I know can duplicate. I routinely encourage those I am helping to heal, to participate in Constellation workshops as well. It is like a healing multiplier! "- Pastor Brian Eastman

Anne completed her training in Systemic Constellation Work in 2006 with Mark Wolynn and Suzi Tucker. Since then she has offered regular family constellation workshops in the Cincinnati-Dayton area. She has deepened her training through workshops with German constellators Bert Hellinger, Albrecht Mahr, Sneh Victoria Schnabel, Stephan Hausner, and Jakob and Sieglinde Schneider. Anne took part in  the 2014 North American Systemic Constellation Intensive with Ed Lynch., Francesca Mason Boring, Dan Booth Cohen, and Bill Mannle. In 2017, she brought Francesca Mason Boring to Cincinnati to facilitate three days of family constellations and nature constellations.  Anne has enjoyed attending North American Systemic Constellations conferences, and taking part in an international Constellations on-line network.

​​For Anne's upcoming workshops ​in Cincinnati see 
http://www.ceremoniesfamilyconstellations.com//Upcoming Workshops

For additional resources on Family Constellation Work see:
http://www.zeigtucker.com (for books by Bert Hellinger)