About Anne

My deepest desire has always been to experience an intimate connection with Spirit in my daily life, and to invite others into this sacred connection.I am interested in building bridges between traditional spiritual practices and new, energy based healing modalities. Rigid religious doctrines and language often create needless barriers between people. There are so many ways to communicate and celebrate our spiritual experiences that transcend divisions.

I have been a member of the New Jerusalem Community in Cincinnati since 1985. We are a non-traditional Christian community with a gift for healing. Our tradition is Catholic, but we have evolved away from the clerical structures of the church. Our worship, led by various members, is intimate and open. I have also found much growth from other spiritual paths, including Quaker practices and mindfulness meditation. I have been much touched by holistic healing modalities and the entire world of energy work.

​Growing up in a community centered at the University of Notre Dame,  I was  impacted by all the spiritual and political stirrings of the 1960's and 1970's. My spirituality was nourished by a dynamic sense of transformation in the post-Vatican II Catholic church. I earned my M.A. in Campus Ministry from Fordham University in 1978. While in New York I served as Campus Minister at Marymount-Manhattan College. I then moved to Cincinnati to join the lively ministry team at St. George Church and Newman Center, where I served professionally until 1981. I married Gerry Becker that year, and we remained active in that spiritual community until we joined New Jerusalem in 1985.

In December, 1982, Gerry and I were deeply impacted by the stillbirth of our first child, Mollie. In spring of 1984, we welcomed into the world our daughter Jane, and in 1986,  our son Daniel. In 1993 we adopted our son Tony.

​After leaving campus ministry in 1981, my subsequent work, largely part-time, has been in the education field. I have taught nature studies, French and religion. In 2001, I joined the staff of the Langsford Learning Center, where I oversee intensive research-based interventions for individuals with learning deficits.

In 1986 I began the pilgrimage of psychoanalysis. These eight years of exploring my rich inner world, particularly the suppressed grief of my childhood, led me to face my spiritual doubts and ultimately to deepen my faith. Toward the end of that pivotal period, I began to write my memoir, Ollie Ollie In Come Free: A Memoir of Swallowed Time. This has been recently published and is available at

​My motherhood has been a great blessing as well as a crucible for my spiritual journey. It has been very challenging to experience each of our children's paths as their own. I have often felt powerless. This powerlessness has been a great spiritual teacher.In 2005, my spiritual director encouraged me to participate in a Hellinger Family Constellation Workshop with Mark Wolynn and Suzi Tucker. I was so moved by the extraordinary energy of this work that I began a professional training. I also enrolled, to enhance my work, in the Mental Health Counseling program at the University of Cincinnati.  After two quarters of fascinating coursework in mental health diagnosis and treatment, I made the decision that I would prefer to practice Constellation Work not as a psychotherapist, but as part of my life-long love for ministry and retreat work.

My desire is to integrate all that I know in order to enhance other people's spiritual journeys.  I offer the fruits of my own walk with the Divine as an ordained minister in the Cincinnati area. I offer what I learned and practiced in the many spiritual communities that have formed me: healing prayer and reconciliation. the insights of mysticism, leading meaningful group experiences of prayer. I also offer the unique gift of Family Constellation Work, which continues to inform my life and my calling in so many rich ways.