​Ollie Ollie In Come Free

Is it possible to re-awaken the forgotten world of childhood?  In Ollie Ollie In Come Free author Anne Bernard Becker takes the reader down such a rabbit hole. 

Based on her years in psychoanalysis as an adult, the book is an intimate immersion in the quirky, whimsical world of the introspective young narrator. Amid the profound cultural shifts from 1955 to 1970, the author's spirited Catholic family faces their own unique challenges.  Their emotional numbing in the aftermath of three tragic losses haunts Anne as she grows into adulthood. 

 Ollie Ollie In Come Free offers  a fresh, compassionate exploration of such important themes as the toll of unexpressed grief on young children, the power of sibling interactions, the developmental impact of religion, and adolescent ambivalence toward being seen. The book recreates a lively universe that many readers will find uncannily familiar. 

I'm recommending this book to every therapist, social worker and professor I know. I'd love to see it become required reading for everyone studying counseling, education and psychotherapy. I also recommend it to everyone who is raising children, teaches children or who needs to look back at their own childhood with compassion and insight.

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