Family Constellations as a "thin place"
​In Celtic spirituality, there is a notion of "thin places." For those of us who are committed to spiritual awakening, no matter what our tradition or practices, this may be a new concept, but certainly not a new experience. The idea is that there are certain places (and we can extend this to time of day, seasons, environments and circumstances) where the "curtain" that hangs between the spiritual world and the physical world is particularly thin, and it is easy for people to pass back and forth.

​Building a Healthy Marriage through Family Constellation Work
​I have attended a number of Family Constellation workshops where the client's basic issue was that he or she could not maintain intimate relationships. Sometimes this manifested itself as a pattern of multiple divorces. Of course it is hard to observe this as a family pattern that goes back many generations, because divorce was just not common until about forty years ago. People tended to stick in out no matter whether then love had long since gone out of the relationship. So it is not enough for a facilitator to ask, "Do the marriages in your family tend to last?"

​​​​Seven Surprises in Family Constellation Work​
My own life-long cluelessness is what struck me when I first discovered Constellation Work. I have reflected a great deal since then on why Americans don't flock to this healing modality like people do in many other parts of the world. We are so alienated from our roots we don't even know they matter! We don't realize that every decision we ever make is influenced by the unique family "conscience" that shaped us, and that we can effect tremendous change by opening up in love to this whole sphere of influence. Recently I have been reflecting on how this experience is comprised of at least 7 surprises, particularly potent in our U.S culture.

Meeting the Glazed Look 

Oh, yes, the Glazed Look. It's many people's response when I mention I do family constellation workshops.  They're afraid to ask the questions: What is constellation work?  Is it astrology? (Definitely not.) Is it theater workshops? (In my next life!)  Is it some weird kind of energy work? (Depends on your definition of weird.) Is it psychotherapy? (Not really.) Is it spiritual retreat work? (Yes, but not what you'll find in church.) It's tough feeling so committed to a healing modality where so few people can imagine what happens during a workshop or how it can possibly transform their lives.

Reflections on Family Constellation Work and Its Fruits