More on  "Thin Places"

The spiritual world refers not simply to a personal encounter with the Divine, but when one "crosses over" there is a diffuse sense of entering a deeper level of reality. In many traditions, as in Celtic spirituality, this deeper reality is experienced as vibrating with the life-force of angels, nature spirits, and all our ancestors who have passed on.. The Catholic dogma of the Communion of Saints is a faint, but largely ignored, echo of the core human experience that our loved ones continue to live on in this deeper reality. Ignored, probably because our western mindset is so limited by materialism that even traditional religion has forgotten its richest and deepest truths.

When I was reminded at a recent workshop with a Jungian analyst, Jerry Wright, about the notion of "thin places", it struck a strong chord with me. All the reasons why I love doing Family Constellation Work boil down to the opening up of an utterly surprising "thin place" in the workaday world of our spiritually impoverished American society. The encounter that we have with the ancestors we thought were long dead and gone, out of the picture, irrelevant, is stunning! It creates a bigger picture most of us seldom glimpse, and when we experience that bigger picture we tap into the very source of healing, strength and growth. This is why Family Constellation Work can create such radical shifts in our relationships, creativity, mental and physical health, and spiritual well-being.