Anne is an ordained minister, licensed as an officiant by the State of Ohio. She has officiated at dozens of weddings in the Cincinnati area. Her role is to help a couple celebrate fully with the family and friends who are gathered as witnesses to their love. With this goal in mind, she helps the couple create a ceremony that is uniquely personal to them.

Anne is no longer officiating at large, formal weddings. If a couple seeks to create a warm, spiritually grounded ceremony, perhaps in their own home or in a park, she welcomes that opportunity.

Since the wedding is only the beginning of a lifetime commitment, Anne offers counseling and a couples retreat for those who are interested in enhancing their marriage.

 Intimate Weddings, Funerals and Transition Rituals

Celebrating Transitions

Important transitions in our lives need to be celebrated or ritualized in a unique, personalized way. These may include not only the birth or adoption of a child, or the death of a loved one, but many other events our culture does not often honor in their full depth. Some examples are the death of a pet, reconciliations between family members or friends, the end of a marriage, leaving one's home, becoming parents, blending families, reuniting with birth parents.  Anne can lead you in meaningful celebrations or commemorations that give a depth and richness to these kinds of events and many others. ​

​​Anne offers funeral services for individuals in the Cincinnati area that are personal and deeply reverent, a true honoring of your loved one.These can be in your home, at a church, at a gravesite, or a funeral home. She will work with you to create a service that is  meaningful to you and your family.

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